Tuesday, September 2, 2014

31 weeks and counting

Hello everyone,

As usual, I took a summer vacation from blogging...mostly because I'm too busy at work and too tired when I get home.

Baby news is he is still cooking (yes a he)...I failed the one hour glucose test which was bad but passed the three hour test which is no fun at all, but I passed. I had friends telling me in the middle of the three hour test that I can deny it...why would you tell me that after I've already started the dang thing???

So here are some new observations since I left you all.
- People see you as pregnant and feel they can say anything they want to you.
- Showing that you're pregnant makes people feel they can touch you
- My friends and people I wouldn't mind touching my belly are the ones who are most likely to not touch my belly...it's the strangers who feel that they have the right to
- People love to tell horror stories (either their own or ones that they have heard)
- People love to tell you what to do and how to do it in regards to all things pregnancy, baby and raising a child
- Overweight people love to tell you how HUGE you look when you're pregnant
- People do seem to be more understanding of brain farts when you're pregnant
- People do seem to smile at you more when you're pregnant
- People still do not move out of the way and will bump into you

I think that the worst thing was a very large woman asking me how far along I was, I responded about 6 months and she said, "no you're not, you are way too large to only be 6 months pregnant"...that was the worst one. She was larger than me and just wanted to insult someone else I'm guessing. In the same regard though, the opposite statement bothered me too...a colleague hadn't seen me in a while and didn't notice I was pregnant (this was right around the same time the large stranger had said something to me)...I mentioned my pregnancy and my colleague was shocked and said that "you're hiding it well". How can I be both too large to be 6 months pregnant and hiding it?

Now though I'm shrugging it off much better than I was, but man people sure think that they can do whatever they want around you when you're pregnant!

I've also been trying very hard not to have discussions with people regarding sensitive subjects, such as natural birth versus epidural or other drugs; vaccinations/vaccination scheduling; circumcision; faith etc. People sure want to know those things though.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Milestones and experiences

At work they keep asking me if I'm journaling or blogging about this whole pregnancy experience. I am not doing as good of a job as I might have hoped, but that happens.

This past Sunday (July 6) I had my first experience with what I assume was Braxton Hicks contractions. I was folding laundry and doubled over with pain....it was a bad cramp on the lower side of my belly. I went upstairs, laid down, had some water, had one more cramp, and then everything was fine. I'm hoping that I don't experience that until it's actual labor time, but at least I know what the Braxton Hicks are going to be like for me.

He's been a bunch more active, on some days. The days when I don't feel him moving about all the time I get nervous. I realize it can depend on what I eat, when I eat, how I slept, how he's feeling on each day, but it's something I find myself worrying about. Today was a very active day where he's been moving around all day. Typically he's more of an evening mover and shaker...still not moving enough for my husband to feel, but moving around for sure.

My dogs have decided to teach me patience and not to jump to the conclusion of running to the vet/doctor for everything. Last week, the boys were playing ball, ran at full speed into each other's heads, and one of them had a tooth pop out. He had blood all over his nose, I freaked out...cleaned him up, saw what was going on, researched (google is a friend and an enemy) and calmed down. This week, the other dog decided to jump up on the backside of the grill while we were eating. The grill had been turned off for 10-15 minutes already, but it was still hot. The top part of his paw got stuck onto the outside of the grill (stuck between the grill and the piping that holds the grill up)....that was the WORST sound I ever heard in my life. It lasted 20 seconds at most from the moment it happened until we had him freed but on my goodness it was terrible. He ended up burning up some of his fur and having a burn on his paw, but it's healing up nicely (just like the other one's tooth). They can stop teaching me lessons now!

My dogs are also showing me and my husband that we need to work with them a bit more to prepare them for the baby. One of them is so super excited and curious but he jumps with his mouth open...and he can jump! We need to get more baby stuff in the house so that we can reinforce calm behavior around baby stuff (and eventually around baby). It'll be a process, but we will all be in a happy household eventually.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Things not to say to a pregnant woman

I keep seeing these lists pop up everywhere, but yet I feel that I need to write my own. These are things that have been said (or done) to me...I'm 23 weeks pregnant as of today...I'm sure I'll be updating this list.

"You get bigger every time I see you"
"I can't wait to see how huge you get"
"Oh, I didn't know you're pregnant, you're hiding it, why are you hiding it?"
"You're so tiny, are you ok?"
"Are you sure you're pregnant?"
"Let's see how big that belly has gotten"

Added 7/8/14
"I swear, if you hadn't told me you were pregnant I never would have know"
"I think that us petite women have it (pregnancy) more difficult than *pause to look at me* some non-petite women" - not sure if this is in reference to my height and/or my weight
"Look at how big our baby is getting"

So pretty much, don't talk to me about my size...there is nothing good you could say to me about it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dreaming of my next triathlon

One thing that's amazing about this pregnancy is how much I've increased my activity level. I used to run 5x a week but over the years that has drastically been reduced. When we first got pregnant I was running, but by about 8 weeks it hurt. I've still been walking and riding and yoga and I've re-added swimming.

By adding swimming to my workout routine I'm craving a triathlon. I realize that I'm not going to do a triathlon this summer, but I'm starting to think about one for next summer or the summer afterwards. I realize that I have no control over how this pregnancy and birth is going to go, I'm just doing my best to stay healthy throughout it and hope to be able to return to working out soon after the baby is born. It would be so awesome to do a sprint tri next summer. Baby W might be too little though so I might have to wait until the following summer, but I am going to do another sprint, and hopefully do a full length tri in the next 5 years. I always thought I would train for one more marathon too and run it with my husband, but we run and train so differently that I don't think that will actually happen. Perhaps one more marathon is in me, but a tri seems more realistic :)

Of course who knows what will really happen, I just love swimming and yesterday an old man told me that I'm an excellent swimmer :) that made me happy. While swimming yesterday, I felt like the baby and I were synchronized swimming together, it was funny. Today is going to end up being a rest day and tomorrow and Saturday I hope to go for long walks in the woods! We'll see what each day brings though.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Things I didn't know would happen to me during pregnancy

There are so many things that you read about and hear about that happen during pregnancy. I was fortunate enough to have one of my close friends just have her baby 7 weeks ago so she remembers things vividly and shares things with me (and shared during her pregnancy too).

I thought I would make a list of some of the things that I've been surprised about so far, and I'm sure that this list will grow since I'm just past the halfway point (21 weeks today).

  1. Hips ache  - while sleeping (which you have to sleep on your sides), while sitting, while standing...they just start to ache. And there's nothing you can take for it. I just started doing more yoga and sleeping with a body pillow between my knees...it helps a bit that's for sure, but there are still aches there.
  2. Waking up all the time - not just due to hip aches. The slightest sound wakes me up, I suppose it's to prepare me for when the kiddo makes a sound and needs me, but then people keep saying "sleep now" I can't!
  3. Tired all the time but can't sleep - I'm so tired all the time. I want to sleep, but I can't. When I get ready for bed, I become wide awake...so I read and then fall asleep about an hour later...those first 3 hours of sleep are fantastic, and then the tossing and turning begins.
  4. It's not always kicking, there's a lot of just pressure and aches - this little one likes to stand on me. It's like he's standing right above my hip bone, which adds to the hip aches I'm sure. It makes it difficult to sit but standing for long hurts. It's just preparing me to never be still I suppose.
  5. There are just aches - I realize that I am growing a life inside of me, and that's really cool, I just didn't realize how achy I would be.
  6. Bruising happens easily and doesn't go away - last Sunday I hit my leg with the corner of the car door. I got a cut and a huge bruise. The bruise has not gone down at all, it's just there and looks terrible. It doesn't really hurt, but many does it look ugly.
  7. Random rashes - they come and go...sometimes they itch, sometimes they are just there and are annoying and do nothing.
  8. Allergic reactions are intense and don't go away quickly - this one annoys me a bunch. I love to work in my garden, but I don't like wearing long sleeves. I wear my gloves and I'm careful, but stuff still touches my arms (and legs). Cue allergic reaction (I'm allergic to every type of grass that exists and I'm sure most of the weeds I'm pulling up). I itch and itch and itch and it doesn't go away.
  9. Gold bond powder and cortisol 10 are your friends - thankfully, gold bond helps with random rashes and cortisol 10 helps with allergic reactions. Thank you!!!
  10. Emotions run wild and there is no controlling them - for example, after a long day I get home and open my water bottle for a sip. It's the type of water bottle that has a straw in it and a flip top. I open it up and water shoots out all over me. I cry. That's right, I cried over spilled WATER! Not only that, but I cried because I was crying. It was so stupid yet I couldn't stop and it became a feedback loop. My husband teased me and then he opened the water bottle and he got sprayed. That made me feel better :)
  11. Boredom - I get bored really easily. Things that I used to enjoy to relax (like watching TV) I really have little interest in. Luckily I still enjoy knitting so I'm working on a baby blanket (in the middle of summer).
  12. I miss beer - really just beer, sometimes wine, and sometimes I really want a sandwich...but mostly it's beer. 
  13. Comments and touching - it's real. People touch my belly all the time, and it's not a big belly yet! I also get lots of comments, some good, some not as good, but they exist.

Please don't get me wrong, I am very fortunate to be pregnant and am enjoying it. Feeling him kick and move around inside is a really cool thing to experience. I just couldn't believe some of these "side effects". I knew I'd be tired, but didn't think I would be the entire pregnancy. I knew that my body would change but I didn't think it would be to some of the extremes that it is. I know it'll all be worth it, just wanted to went I suppose.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Can't do what I used to

I'm feeling frustrated. I can't do all the things in a day that I used to. For example I used to be able to weed the entire garden in one day, now I need 2-3 days to get it all done. Of course I don't think I was this diligent last year since I didn't know what I was doing.

Another example, after cleaning the house, I need to lay down. I feel frustrated because we are just at the halfway point of this pregnancy and if I'm already needing to slow down, what am I going to be like at the end?

I suppose it's a good thing that I can listen to my body and know, but it also makes me really wonder how some women don't know that they're pregnant.

Other than that frustration everything is good as gravy :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New rules...pregnancy edition

New rules for myself that I have learned in the past 18-20 hours or so.

  1. When gardening I must wear gloves. If I do not wear gloves, my arms will swell up and my legs get super splotchy and a little swollen.
  2. When I get a bug bite, I swell up much faster.
  3. When reading work email in the morning, step away after the first one irritates you. By reading all of the irritating emails at once, I was ready to go home by 8:22am. If I had spaced them out, maybe walked away for a moment, I don't think it would have made me as irritated.
  4. When going for a walk, bring water. I got so thirsty on the walk and downed 2 glasses when I was done.
  5. When going for a walk, at work, during lunch bring a change of clothes and a washcloth and deodorant. I was so sweaty and got super red on the walk, even though most of it was in the shade.
  6. Whenever going outside for more than 10 minutes, wear sunscreen. Again, I got super red, though some of it is going down, it's not all going away.
It's difficult to accept these changes. They may seem really small, and they are, but they keep piling up. I knew that pregnancy (and having a child) was going to change me. I knew that I would need to slow down and let go. I guess I just didn't realize how quickly I would have to start adapting to these new behaviors and routines.